Erasmus Plus – KA1, Mobility of Youth Workers

Project Aims
The project has seen the realization of a course for youth workers aimed to develop civic and social skills, and active participation in social change, in young people.

The methodology that the project adopted, and that participants learned, is the collection of stories through autobiographical methodologies and multimedia (video interview, photo narration).

The idea is that, through the pleasure of collecting stories and create multimedia narrative, young people can learn many things like:

– to know the recent history, through the stories of those who participated in the battles for civil rights and democracy, namely those achievements that we often take for granted, but which have been decisive for the creation of democracy;

– to learn more about the current social, political and economic reality, that often appear too complex and boring for a young audience, but it can be better understood through concrete and real stories;

– to know the possible solutions that have been designed and sometimes implemented by people and organizations, especially civil society; stories that demonstrate that it is possible to create a change, and that can help young people not to give up dreaming, want a better world, and become their own agents of change.

Training of youth workers.

– Participants: 28 youth worker (no age limit).

– Duration: six days, plus two travel days.

– Period: : From 10th to 15th June 2019

– Location: Rome

Training contents

Course content included:

– Civic skills and social education for young people;

– Introduction to the autobiographical methods;

– Methodologies of video interview and photo narration;

– How to engage young people in a project to collect stories on the theme of social change;

– European instruments of certification.

Applicant organization
Association Stories of possible worlds

ADEL– Slovakia
Association Pro Xpert – Romania
European Information Centre – Bulgaria
Fundacion Red Deporte Y Cooperation – Spain
Seiklejate Vennaskond – Estonia
Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych – Poland

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