Storytelling to Develop Civic Competences in Young People



Objective of StoryDec is to create paths of civic and social education addressed at young people, through autobiographical methodologies and digital storytelling. In particular the project is aimed at:

  • developing creativity skills and ability to use ICT tools, develop competences regarding historical and humanistic field, with a focus on civic and social competences;
  • developing  a series of transversal skills, such as the ability to relate, to listen, to empathize, related to the practice of collecting a life story, as well as a greater self-awareness

The StoryDeC project is addressed at Youth trainers / Youth training associations/ social promotion associations / at national and European level / Policy makers in the educational field. 

Activities & Methodology

The innovation of the project is based on the methodology of autobiographical narration and digital storytelling raise awareness about social change and the importance to promote an active social and political participation.

The project will create a series of innovative outputs:

O1 – StoryDeC Good Practices – A collection of existing good practices that use autobiographical writing and life stories of social change as a tool for civic and social education

O2 – StoryDeC Educational paths  – The definition of some non-formal education paths through autobiographical writing and Digital Storytelling, for the development of civic and social skills of young people and the development of young active participation.

O3 – StoryDeC Game – A game, in digital and board version, for the development of civic and social skills in young people, through the stories of social change.

O4 – StoryDeC Training Module  A short training module for trainers, to assure the correct application of the educational paths created by StoryDeC project.

O5 – StoryDeC Digital Archive – Creation of a digital archive of stories of social commitment and participation, collected by young participants.

To achieve these results and assure their  wide dissemination, the project the realization of:

  • 5 Transnational Meetings: 20 people involved (education / trainer experts of partner organizations)
  • 1 Joint Staff Training: 25 people involved (partner organizations staff)
  • 6 Multiplier Events: 200 people (young learning providers/trainers; policy makers, decision makers, education expert, institutions) involved

 Piloting courses

Once back home the participants will have to carry out a pilot course with 20 young participants, putting into practice the methodologies studied.

These courses will also be an opportunity for:

– test the outputs, with particular attention to the O2, O4 outputs;

– contribute to creating narratives for O5. 

Applicant organization


Association Pro Xpert – Romania
Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych – Poland
Storia di Mondi Possibili – Italy
Mobilizing Expertises – Sweden
Real Time – UK

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which June be made of the information contained therein.

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