Autobiographical Method for Migrants’ and Minorities’ Inclusion in Communities they are living In – AMICI

Erasmus Plus Project – Adult Education

Nov. 2018- Sept 2020


The project AMICI

The project AMICI, “Autobiographical Method for Migrants’ and Minorities’ Inclusion in Communities they are living In”, Erasmus Plus Project – Adult Education, has the main goal to contribute to facilitate a bigger participation of low skilled adults coming from migrants and ethnic minorities groups in education/training programmes, in order to increase their chances on inclusion in society and on the labour market.

Specific objectives are:

  1. enhancing the professional development of 120 adult educators working with low skilled/qualified migrants and minorities from the 5 partner countries – by equipping them with important knowledge, improved abilities and offering them a complex and flexible training kit for using autobiography in adults’ education;
  2. developing and testing new, innovative and flexible (easy to adapt) training materials based on autobiographical method;
  3. fostering international dimension of low-skilled/qualified adults’ education by developing training materials that use the expertize of 5 countries

The project is developed by a partnership involving 5 organizations covering the whole Europe (from North – Sweden – to South – Italy and from West – UK to East – Romania) with different backgrounds, expertise and approaches of adult education issues, particularly of tailoring learning opportunities to the needs of individual low-skilled/low-qualified adults:

Romania – ASOCIATIA PRO-XPERT – Coordinator

Italy – Storie di Mondi Possibili

Bulgaria – Balkanska Agenciya za Ustoychivo Razvitie

Sweden – Pro IFALL AB


The project will develop the following intellectual outputs:

1: Training kit for adult educators “Autobiographical Method for Migrants’ and Minorities’ Inclusion in Communities they are living In” – in English and each partner’s language.

2: A set of 20 case studies (4 from each partner) related to best practices/successful stories in using autobiography in adults’ education.

3: An on-line resource center that will include all training materials and other results of the project.

4: Comparative study on how the autobiographical method worked on 10 different target groups (1 group of migrants and 1 of ethnic minorities from each partner country) – with recommendation and “tips&tricks” for future users.

5: The documentary movie “It’s my life” about 20 low-skilled/qualified adults regarding their experience on telling their story through the methods of the project.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which June be made of the information contained therein.

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